Skin Antiaging Treatments

There are a host of treatment regimens for preventive management of Skin Aging.

The beginning of this is usage of a sunscreen that has been mentioned in detail here

The second step is usage of an antiaging cream at night. There are several antiaging creams available both as a cosmetic and as a pharma product. It often becomes confusing to identify a right combination. While your dermatologist is the right person to help you select the right combination suiting your skin, if you are on your own; look for the following ingredients
  • Retinoid - retinoic acid, retinol, retinyl esters
  • Vitamin C & E
  • Alfa/beta hydroxyl acids – glycolic acid,salicylic acid, mandelicacid,ferrulic acid
  • Hydrating agents
There a host of treatments that can be done for Antiaging. Starting from the most basic to the most advanced, the list is as follows
  • Chemical peels – They are most basic, least time consuming and extremely effective for skin with minimal signs of skin aging. They can also be combined with other procedures for moderate to severe skin aging. Peels containing glycolic acid, ferrulic acid, Vitamin C, Jessners peels are commonly used for antiaging benefits. To know more click here
  • Photofacial / Laser Skin rejuvenation – They are popular for their instant glow and tightening benefits. When done on a regular basis , they aid in collagen regeneration and skin tightening benefits in addition to the brightening effects. To know more click here
  • Non Surgical Face Lift – This is an extremely effective procedure for sagging skin patients with minimal skin damage. The technology used is Tripolar Radiofrequency with muscle toning benefits making it ideal for both face and neck skin. This procedure can also be done for sagging of other body areas. To know more click here
  • Meso Hydration This procedure is reserved for patients with dry and dehydrated skin. This is suitable for all age groups.
  • Pixel Rf / Skin Resurfacing – Pixel RF / Fractionated RF is a technology that has become extremely popular thanks to its application in a myriad of conditions like acne scars, stretch marks and fine lines and wrinkles. Coupled with a downtime of 5 to 7 days, the resultant skin is blemish free, brighter and with lesser finelines and wrinkles. To know more click here
  • Botox This time tested technology is probably the most popular antiaging procedure worldwide. It smoothens fine lines instantly and needs to be repeated if at all only after 6 months. It is used most commonly for areas like crows feet (lines on corner of eyes), frown lines, forehead lines, vertical neck lines. If used wisely, it can also be used for having a sharper jawline, for treating jowls and popply chin. To know more click here
  • Dermal Fillers / Liquid Facelift/ Volumisers – Dermal fillers are soft gel like consistency liquids meant to fill poclets of volume loss and in giving face lifts.They can be used for volumising cheeks, nose folds, lips and undereye region. To know more click here
One may not need all the procedures. You will often need a combination of treatments. What procedure suits you best will be decided by the dermatologist. To know more about your dermatologist

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