Radio frequency Surgery 

  • What is Radiofrequency Surgery?
Radio frequency surgery is a medical procedure a skin growth is ablated using the heat generated from the high frequency alternating current.
  • How does radiofrequency work?
The principle of radiofrequency or radiowave surgery is that it uses high frequency radiowaves, at 4.0 MHz, to deliver low temperatures through radiofrequency (RF) micro-fibre electrodes.
  • Where is Radiofrequency used in Dermatology?
Radio Surgery (Radiofrequency or Radiowave Surgery) is used to remove moles, warts, skin tags and other so called ‘lumps and bumps’.
  • How is radiofrequency better than traditional electrosurgery?
Traditional electrosurgery devices cut skin tissue by passing an electric current using the electrode tip (a platinum wire) to provide resistance, effectively causing high temperature heating of the electrode tip and excessive lateral (surrounding) tissue damage. The difference between this method and electrosurgery is that the tissue serves as the resistance instead of the electrode. This means there is no heating of the RF micro-fibre electrode by the use of low temperature radiowave energy. Instead, the intracellular tissue water provides the resistance and vaporises without the heat and damage seen in electrosurgery. This tissue vaporisation also results in significant haemostasis (stopping of the flow of blood) without actually burning the tissue.
  • What is the time required for recovery?
There is minor swelling, redness, & scab in the area for 1-3 days as it heals.
  • What are the advantages of Radio surgery?
a) Rapid healing.
b) Minimal or no bleeding.
c) Aesthetically pleasing scars or no scars.
d) Lesser operating time.
e) Office / Clinic procedure







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