Peels have stood the test of time in terms of their varied applicability and effectivity. Ranging from post acne marks to anti-aging effects, the wide array of peels at AMAYA Antiaging Clinics give you more than you anticipated.
  • Why should one do chemical peels?
Peels are a convenient, safe & inexpensive anti-aging procedure. If started early, they may postpone the need for invasive treatments for anti-aging in future.
  • What is a chemical peel?
Chemical peels are derived from fruits and plants and purified to form concentrated extracts. For ex:glycolic acid is derived from sugarcane, lactic acid from sour milk, mandelic acid from almond etc.
  • Are Chemical peels harmful ? Do they contain Chemical ?
Chemical peels are called so as they have chemical structure and not because they are chemicals. Like oxygen which has a chemical structure O2, but is not a chemical.
  • Who can do chemical peels?
Anyone can do chemical peels. While people with dark spots, tanning and pigmentation benefit the most, patients with normal skin or women in their 30s can do peels for anti-aging purpose.
  • What does Chemical peel do to my skin?
The peel removes the irregularity of the skin making it smooth, improves texture, removes superficial pigmentation and blemishes giving skin a uniform tone. It also lightens the skin color and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • What are the types of chemical peels?
There are three types of chemical peels:
Superficial peels - the mildest chemical peel that is safe for use on all skin types. Typically, superficial chemical peels use mild solutions containing alpha hydroxyl acids( AHA). Since it only targets the most superficial layers of the skin, the peel is ideal to smooth finer lines and improve the skin’s texture and tone.
Medium peels - goes deeper than superficial peel. example is TCA, trichloroacetic acid is the common peeling agent used in medium chemical peels. Because it penetrates deeper than the glycolic peel, TCA peel is great to remove pigmentation and blemishes. There may be peeling of skin for 2-3 days.
Deep peels - the harshest chemical peel that can penetrate through several layers of skin. Deep peels are not recommended for Indian skin.
  • Is a chemical peel painful?
No. there is a mild degree of "tingling" or a slightly itchy sensation with some peels when they are applied to the skin. Upon neutralizing the peel, the skin feels fresh and smooth without discomfort.
  • How do one know which peel strength suits the skin?
At the time of appointment, skin will be assessed by the doctor to determine the peel strength most suitable. In general, the concentration of peel is gradually increased with each treatment in order to maximize the results.
  • How is a chemical peel performed?
The technician will clean the skin with an antibacterial and antigreasing agent to remove excessive oils and contamination. The peel solution is then applied by the dermatologist and left for a certain period of time. Then the peel is neutralized, the skin is wiped and an antibacterial cream will be applied.
  • How long does it take to have a chemical peel?
About 5-10 minutes in total, hence it has often been referred to as “the lunch time peel”
  • Can one go right back to work?
Yes, one can go to work and all activities may be resumed immediately.
  • Which chemical peels are done at Amaaya ?
At Amaaya, we do combination peels so that our patients can get most benefit from a single session. We do glycolic peels (of varying strengths), TCA peel (of varying strengths), Kojic peel, Lactic (Milk) peel, Retinoic acid (yellow) peel, Party peel, Jessner's peel, etc.







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