Hormonal Imbalances / Premature Aging

Hormones that Decrease with Aging Hormones that Increase with Aging
Growth Hormone CCK
LH (Men) LH (Women)
Testosterone Cortisol
Estradiol Prolactin
Pregnenolone Insulin
25(OH)Vitamin D PTH
Hormones that don’t change in the course of Aging
  • Prolactin
  • TSH
  • Thyroid Hormones
  • Epinephrine
  • GLP-1
  • GIP
Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances
Estrogen E1
Low Estrogen &
Testosterone / DHEA
Testosterone / DHEA
High / Low
Mood swings Hot flashes Acne Decreased Bone Density Insomnia
Migrains Night Sweats Hair Loss Decreased muscle mass Anxiety
Weight gain Palpitations Irritability Decreased Energy Chronic Fatigue
Endometrial cancer risk Foggy thinking Polycystic Ovaries Decreased Libido Allergies
Breast cancer risk Weight gain Food cravings
Polycystic Ovaries Insulin Resistance /
Diabetic like state
Low immunity
Weight loss/ gain
High / Low BP
Insulin Resistance /
Diabetic like state
Symptoms of Premature Aging
Inability to lose weight /
Involuntary Weight loss
Mood swings Decreased Libido Incontinence Increased facial /
body hairs in women
Fatigue/Low energy Hot flashes Infertility Water retention Loss of scalp hairs
Headaches Night Sweats Heavy Menses Palpitations Decreased body
hair growth in men
Sleep disturbances Depression Bleeding Changes Cold body temperature Thinning of skin
Foggy thinking Anxiety Polycystic Ovaries Sugar / Salt cravings Wrinkles
Bone loss/
Muscle weakness
Nervousness Uterine fibroids Exaggerated stress responses Graying of hairs
Aches/Pains Irritable Fibrocystic Breasts Polyuria Acne
Fibromyalgia Memory Lapses Tender Breasts Polydipsia Paresthesia/Tetany
Impotence Visual Disturbances Vaginal Dryness Heat / Cold intolerance --
The symptoms of Aging and Hormonal imbalances are so similar that the fact that hormonal imbalance brings aging prematurely cannot be ignored.
  • How do hormones play a role in the aging process?
This is the most important question. Earlier it was thought that our hormones decline because we age, but now it is confirmed that we age because our hormone decline.
The Neuro-endocrine system is a complex network of chemicals from the nervous system and the endocrine system that governs the release of our hormones and other vital body processes. 
With advanced age, lower levels of hormones can have disastrous effects on the way our bodies function.
The Growth hormone, Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Melatonin and Thyroid all have specific functions and activities both alone and in conjunction with other hormones. The shortage of these hormones accelerates the aging process.
Hormones are vital for repairing and regulating our bodily functions and when aging causes a drop in hormone production, it causes a decline in our body’s ability to repair and regulate itself.
Moreover hormone production is highly interactive. The drop in production of any one hormone is likely to have and affect on the whole mechanism, signaling other organs to release lower levels of other hormone.
Thus, hormone replacement/Corrective therapy, a frequent component of any anti-aging treatment, helps to reset the body’s hormonal clock and so can reverse or delay the effects of aging. 
If our hormones are being produced at youthful levels, the cells of our bodies are stimulated to be metabolically active, thus, we stay young.







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